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DreamStyle™ Systems- Human Hair

BeLoved Salon & Spa is committed to providing high quality 100% Remy Human Hair DreamStyle™ Systems.
Our lace wigs are hand crafted by master wig designers to assure each unit has the most comfortable fit and can be
worn with complete confidence. Each wig is carefully constructed to create a natural hairline that is truly undetectable. Our wigs have a realistic look and feel that blends artistry with elegance. DreamStyle™ Systems offers quality stock, custom and medical lace wigs, to meet all of our customers' needs.

Stock Lace Wigs
Our stock DreamStyle™ Systems are designed with soft French Lace. Most units come with a stretch panel at the crown to assure a flexible fit. We carry stock sizes in small , medium and large, based on head circumference. You can select from a variety of colors and hair textures. Our stock units are designed for the customer who prefers not to wait for a custom unit to be designed!

Custom Lace Wigs
Our custom DreamStyle™ Systems are tailored especially for you. This option will give you, the opportunity to be involved in the design process from start to finish. Now, you can create a lace unit based on your personal preferences. The Custom Lace unit is designed for an overall perfect fit!

Medical Lace Wigs (Medical Hair Loss)
Hair plays a significant role in the lives of many women. A woman's hair is the first physical characteristic one
notices. Hair loss is not only a cosmetic concern but may create feelings of vulnerability. Losing your hair can be one
of the most devastating things you will ever face. We all know our self-image affects our self-esteem,
and when hair loss occurs, it can become very emotional.

If you are being treated for medical hair loss, and would like to purchase a Medical DreamStyle™ System, we strongly suggest you contact your medical insurance company for pre-approval and instructions for claim reimbursement. Once you have this information, have your doctor write you a prescription for a Cranial Hair Prosthesis, which is the medical term
most insurance companies recognize. It is vitally important that the prescription states "Cranial Hair Prosthesis", and not
"Custom Lace Wig."

Most insurance companies cover 80-100% for expenses used for the purpose of purchasing hair replacement.
We also recommend you take photos of your hair loss, keep copies of all receipts, invoices and prescriptions. Send the
copies with your claim to your insurance company or HMO. It may also help if you have your doctor include a
statement on the prescription that reads, "for patients' emotional stability," as well as include the ICD-9 code.
DreamStyle™ Systems adheres to the medical guidelines for hair loss prosthesis. Your invoice will read "Cranial Hair Prosthesis" to match the prescription written by your doctor for the submission of reimbursement to your insurance company.

For more information on reimbursement, please contact your insurance company and speak with your doctor about
your options.

Stock Full Lace Wigs
8-12 inches
14-16 inches
18 inches
20-22 inches
24 inches
26 inches
28 inches

Shipping & Handling
1-3 units
4-6 units
7-10 units
11-13 units

SPECIAL!!! 5 Full lace units (any texture, up to 18 inches) for only $1999!

These prices are for straight Indian Remy hair and Chinese Remy hair, light to medium density. For Yaki, Wavy or Curly hair, add $10-$15 to the price listed.

Installation Fees
System Applications (Adhesives)
System Application + Cut & Style $80
System Application + Cut & Style + + Braiding of Natural Hair
System Deep Cleaning
System Deep Conditioning $30
System Revitalizing Color
Knot Resealing

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